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Reviews and Testimonials

“Blackacre was the closing attorney for my first house, and they were amazing! I was really nervous throughout the whole process, but they were very patient with my numerous phone calls and endless questions. At the closing table, they did a great job of explaining the documents in a simple way so that I understood what I was signing.”

“Being a real estate agent who is picky about the attorneys and law firms I recommend, I wholeheartedly endorse Blackacre Law and plan on using them for my own closing.”

“Blackacre handled the closing when my husband and I bought our house, and we were both very impressed with their professionalism – so impressed that we retained them to draft our wills. They were just as thorough and respectful as when they closed on our house, and we have since recommended them to several friends and family.”

“Law firms who go the extra mile make the closing process so much smoother. As a real estate agent who has worked with numerous other law firms, I have been continually pleased with each encounter and appreciate having an attorney I can call who is responsive and genuinely pleasant to work with – even on the difficult closings.”

“I am a loan officer who values efficiency and professionalism. All of my closings with Blackacre have delivered both. There is no wasted time and yet everyone leaves feeling like they received personalized attention and having all questions answered.”