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Refinances/Construction Loans/HELOC

When people think about real estate closings on residential properties, what comes to mind for many is putting the final signatures on a set of documents so they can finally take possession of their new South Carolina home. However, this is far from the only time that individuals will have to come to the table to complete a real estate transaction.

The Greenville real estate firm of Blackacre Law LLC handles not only standard residential closings for prospective homeowners but also other circumstances where a closing is needed: for mortgage refinances, construction loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOC). We put the same care into these closings as we do all our other work, because the consequences are just as significant in these circumstances.

When You’re Closing On A Residential Transaction, Turn To Us

Buying a new home might be the primary circumstance of most residential closings, but our experienced real estate closing lawyers also work with people involved in these types of transactions:

  • Refinancing an existing mortgage: When interest rates are favorable, it makes sense for many people to refinance in order to secure a lower interest rate, decrease their monthly payments and potentially pay off their home loan more quickly.
  • Construction loans: Purchasing a lot on which to build a new home — with or without tearing down an existing structure — might lead you to seek out a construction loan to finance the building of your future residence.
  • Home equity lines of credit: After several years, you might want to get funding to update your home or otherwise tap into the equity you have built up via a home equity line of credit, which is essentially another type of loan — something that will require the closing process to take place.

Contact Blackacre Law LLC to learn more about how our real estate attorneys aid commercial clients throughout the closing process. Reach us at 864-775-5400​ or submit your information online through our website.